Spring has sprung! Thank God. I thought we were living in Antarctica there for awhile it was so cold for so long here in Utah. We train all year long as you can see from some of our videos. It was pretty rough there for awhile.

So now, with the ranges all cleared off and the weather getting warmer, we are ramping up our courses. In the months to come we have some courses discounted, a series of new knife and Tomahawk fighting courses, our Emergency Lifesaver course is back on tap along with Low Light courses and our ONCE A YEAR Tactical Rifle Camp. This year it will be held at the North Springs Range in Price, Utah. It is gonna be epic outdoor badassery!

We have reduced the ammo requirements in all courses to bare bones minimum. Any type weapons and calibers are permitted in all of our courses, including .22s. The .22LR is a terrific way to get your training in without having to expend your STASH.

Train hard wherever and whenever you can. Get your families ready. An ugly road is ahead of us. All our courses are also posted on our company Facebook page.
~CTIA Staff

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Welcome to CTIA! If you are looking for the highest level of Firearms Training you have come to the right place. At CTIA you will learn how to handle, shoot and carry your gun like a pro. We have a full schedule of classes that will challenge everyone on any level.

Upcoming Courses:

April 2014:

      19 - Emergency Life Saver 9am - 5pm at PMAA (SLC, UT)
     27 - Urban Shotgun/Handgun *Special Pricing* 9am - 5pm at PMAA (SLC, UT)

May 2014:

      24 - Low Light Handgun / Long Gun 5pm - 9pm at PMAA (SLC, UT)

      31 - Urban Rifle/Handgun *Special Pricing* 9am - 5pm at PMAA (SLC, UT)

June 2014:

      7-8 -Active Shooter/Armed Intruder Interdiction with Sonny Puzikas at PMAA (SLC, UT)

     14 - Defensive Handgun *Special Pricing* 9am - 5pm at PMAA (SLC, UT)
                                    Promo code available for the Well Armed Women's group

       28 - AK Armorer Class at PMAA (SLC, UT)

July 2014:

       11-13 - Certified Dignitary Protection Operator at PMAA (SLC, UT)

August 2014:

       16 -Urban Rifle/Handgun *Special Pricing* 9am - 5pm at PMAA (SLC, UT)

See the Full List of Classes HERE


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