Upcoming Courses:                                                                  

February 2015:

      7 - Low Light Handgun 5 pm - 9 pm at Red Dot Firearms (Layton, UT)
                                    Promo code available for the Well Armed Women's Group


March 2015:

      21 - Armed Intruder Awareness & Defense 9am - 5pm at PMAA (SLC, UT)
                                    Promo code available for the Well Armed Women's Group

      28 - Emergency Life Saver 9am - 5pm at PMAA (SLC, UT)


April 2015:

      18 - Defensive Handgun 9am - 5pm at PMAA (SLC, UT)

      25 - Concealed Carry Gun Fighting 9am - 5pm at PMAA (SLC, UT)


May 2015:

      9 - Home Defense Shotgun 9am - 1pm at PMAA (SLC, UT

June 2015:

       6-7 - RED FORCE WEEKEND with Sonny Puzikas at PMAA (SLC, UT)             

      20 - Defensive Rifle 9am - 1pm at PMAA (SLC, UT    

July 2015:

       18 - Urban Rifle Course at PMAA (SLC, UT) *SPECIAL PRICING*


See the Full List of Classes HERE


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