Armed Citizen Interventions

By Dennis Kennedy (Dir. Of Training)
The following video shows an armed citizen saving the life of a Deputy Sheriff. Nobody can fault his bravery or willingness to act. What we want to discuss are his tactics. There are lessons to be learned here.

  1. His approach was far too casual. He did not use cover.
  2. He apparently gave good verbal commands for the attacker to stop. When the attacker refused, the citizen fired 3 times, killing the suspect.
  3. After the shooting, the citizen drops his loaded weapon in the road and walks away from it. He went back to his vehicle and waited for the police. This is NOT GOOD. We must always maintain control of our weapons. If you cannot reholster your weapon, at least lay it down and stand over it to protect it.
  4. He did not check on the condition of the Deputy he just saved nor give his first aid.
  5. By all accounts he was yammering up a storm when Officers came to interview him. BAD IDEA. Zip it until you have an Attorney present.
  6. Get quality training. Under stress, you will do what you are trained to do. He seems to have had little professional training.

Armed Citizen Interventions

Keep these lessons in mind. Train hard. The life you save may be your own.

5 Quick Tips for Choosing Your Self Defense Weapon

Tip 1: Evaluate your lifestyle

When considering the type of defensive weapon you must first evaluate the type of lifestyle and work life that you lead. Do you work from home? Do you work in any office or hospital or construction site? Are you on the road a lot? How much time do you spend at home? Where are you most of the day? Consider the foot traffic and amount of space you have for most of the day. Do you work in a cubicle or a space with little moving room or do you spend most of your time in an open area? Maybe you work in the corporate world with your own office? An AR-15 would not work in an office with little room, but a hundred acre farm may call for that choice. Maybe you work from home but you live in a condo. You may choose a 12 gauge but only carry bird shot instead of slugs. Consider the environment you spend most of your time in. Now the next step.



Tip 2: Research your local laws

Next you must look into the your state and city laws to see what regulations they have over ammo, open and concealed carry, ammo capacity, caliber size, what guns are legal to own and fire, what constitutes necessary force, burglary, assault. If you work at a jobsite or office be sure to research and get approval from any of the appropriate management or landlord sources. Your boss may be okay with you carrying your firearm concealed but if your company leases the office it’s not his call. Be safe and smart. Confidence that you are in the right can be lifesaving.



Tip 3: Try Various Weapon Systems

Whether you are a beginner or veteran with firearms it’s never too early or late to try a multitude of different types of firearms. Maybe you’ve just been using your Glock 17 and taking it to the range because you heard it was the best and that’s all you’ve ever tried. Do your research. Read magazine and online article’s. Ask the clerk at the firing range what might be good fit for you. Test no less than 10 types of firearms – whether it be shotgun, handgun or rifle – before making a decision. Send 100’s if not thousand of rounds downrange. The weapon you choose must feel natural. If you live in a small apartment with thin walls, work in an office, and have small hands then maybe a 50. Desert Eagle isn’t the best choice for your self defense weapon.



Tip 4: Simulate

It may seem ridiculous but this may be the most important part of choosing a self defense weapon. Consider all of your environments then safely simulate needing to manipulate the weapon and preventing a lethal encounter. Someone comes into your office, or grocery store, or breaks down the door of your home. Practice getting to your weapon. Dry fire. Load and unload with practice rounds. Go from your seat, couch, desk, ladder, farm and see how fast you are able to be ready to protect yourself and others.



Tip 5: Take a Firearms Course

You need to not only be familiar with manipulating your weapon in the space and environments that you are commonly in, you need to practice over and over with live ammo. Your self defense weapon will be no good to you without taking a course that induces stress, making you think quickly, and repeats the process to build strong muscle memory. If you work from home and have chosen a shotgun then choose a course that goes through multiple drills, includes movement, evasion, quick loading. If you work in a secure office but you commute long distances than take a defensive handgun course that practices manipulation from a sitting position. Maybe you thought your best choice would be a shotgun but after a few courses you realize that a handgun is your better choice.


Train Smart.
Be Prepared Sheepdogs.


The 7 Deadly Sins of Concealed Carry


Whether you are a beginner or veteran concealed carry holder you are still human. We are wired for the path of least resistance. Inevitably both novice and pro fall into some type of complacent or dangerous habit. Some may not even realize how dangerous some of their current habits are. This article is for you! If you’re a novice, this is a must read. If you’re an expert than you know how important improvement is. These habits are deadly and you need to change them RIGHT NOW.

1 – Having the minimum required training

- The amygdala – the part of the brain that regulates emotion and survival instincts – receives information and stimuli much faster than our logical brain does. It is why we do things ‘without thinking’. When confronted with a survival situation information is sent to our brain and freeze, fight or flight go into effect. Without the proper training you are forcing your brain to (something). When we train we are literally breaking down circuits in our brain. We are creating actual new neural networks that connect directly to our amygdala. This creates muscle memory. Make a habit of consistently strengthening and building survival networks in your brain.


2. Carrying only occasionally

- 83% of Americans will be the victim of an attempted or completed victimization in their lifetimes. Yet it only takes one encounter to change everything. With these odds you are taking a deadly risk by carrying occasionally if not rarely. If you can concealed carry you must make it such a consistent habit that it becomes part of your subconscious routine. So repetitive that it becomes the same as putting on clothes or brushing your teeth. You must make it part of your life. Remember that a gun is just a tool. How often do you think a carpenter uses a biscuit jointer? Bet you never even heard of that term. Or a screw extractor? No matter how seldom it is used it is still A TOOL, and as long is you are responsible and safe it should be readily available the moment you need it, no matter how infrequently you may need to use it.


3 – Never carrying in the home

- A report by The Department of Justice for National Crime Victimization shows that on average that are 3.7 million household victimizations, with people being in the home 30% of the time. Compared to an FBI Crime statistics report that shows 1.1 million violent crimes in 2015, one can deduce that you’re just as likely to encounter victimization or burglary at home as you are in public, yet how many of you carry in the home? On average only 5% of gun owners even have a firearm loaded and easily accessible in the home, let alone carry. Evaluate your neighborhood and how quickly you can access your firearm FROM ANY ROOM. Being complacent while at home is deadly.


4 – Training for target instead of gunfighting

- Imagine if a baseball player only practiced hitting fastballs, or a trap shooter hitting pigeons that were only thrown straight, or a quarterback throwing only to his running back as he drops to underneath coverage. Think for the moment the years of effort it takes for professionals to become expert in hitting moving targets. In study done by a University in Netherlands, they discovered that instead of waiting for all the information you need to hit a moving target the brain instead uses all our past experience to guess where the target will be. You may be able to process the movement visually but typically your hand will rely on past experience over visual stimuli. If you never train for gunfighting, for a real encounter, you will have no past experience for your muscles to depend on. Are you being smart about how you train? 95% of all lethal encounters happen within 5-15 feet and last about 2-5 seconds. Let this data change the way you train.


5 – Failure to know the law


- There are over 270 Federal Gun Laws, but how total gun laws in America? Ronald Reagan was once quoted as saying there are over 20,000 laws, though no source was ever provided. The point is this: Do you know your state laws? What’s definition of a burglary? What does your state consider a justifiable use of lethal force? Is a burglar still protected from physical harm inside your home if he doesn’t try to attack you? Do not blame the cops when you’re arrested for having unopened cans of beer in the car because the officer sees your firearm on your hip. These are unnecessary risks you take and if you are shot because of incompetence you have only yourself to blame.



6 – Two is One, and One is None

- While I was stationed in North Dakota my unit was charged with defending nuclear warheads. It was not uncommon for the conditions to be below freezing if not below zero. Our M-16’s would often freeze and jam. There were a few instances I can think of right now that had we not been carrying our back up 38’s some serious things could have happened. Be smart with your tools. Have a backup. Think of the weather conditions as well. Will it be muddy, cold, wet, snowing, freezing where you will be? How many times have you made the deadly mistake of carrying one weapon when it’s freezing outside? Remember, 83% of Americans will face a completed or attempted victimization of some kind in their life. Be prepared.



7 – Failure to carry defensive ammo

- In a lethal encounter, you will not be at the range where you can congratulate yourself on how accurate you are shooting bullets made only for accuracy. If all you ever do is train with practice rounds at the range and that is all you carry then you should never have applied for a concealed carry in the first place. Should you and an intruder shoot each other at the same time, who will survive? Hollow point. Do you carry Hornandy, Gold Dot, Federal premium? has a great list of the top 10 defensive ammo’s for you to carry.


Do you agree or disagree with these 7 deadly sins? What common mistakes do you know of that you think are deadly? Comment below


December 14, 2016 Newsletter

Merry Christmas Everybody!

It is unusually warm here in Salt Lake City. Hope`fully we will get a white Christmas. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and hope you have a wonderful holiday with your families. You won’t hear from us again until next year.

The Low Light Handgun course on Jan. 7th will be the next course. It is going to be INDOORS. New courses are always being added. Follow our company Facebook page to be the first to know about them.

Be happy. Be safe. Love your families.God bless.

Train hard. The life you save may be your own.


Training Calendar
January 2017:
January 7 - Low Light Handgun Course in Murray, Utah – Taught by Army Special Forces combat veteran
February 2017

 February 12 - Low Light Handgun Course in Murray, Utah

March 2017

 March 25, 2017 - Urban Shotgun / Handgun in Salt Lake City, Utah. Tuition discount expires on Dec. 31st, 2016. 4 slots left.

April 2017
 April 15 - Defensive Handgun Course in Salt Lake City, Utah
April 29 - Concealed Carry Gun Fighting Course in Salt Lake City, Utah
May 2017

 May 12-14, 2017 - Certified Dignitary Protection Operator

 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Tuition discount expires Dec. 31st 2016.

June 2017
 June 10-11, 2017 - Tactical Rifle Camp in Salt Lake City, Utah
More courses being added all the time. Check the web site often for updates.Register for any of these courses on our web site at;

November 23, 2016 Newsletter

Happy Thanksgiving everyone ! We hope you are all well and safe and near your families for the Holidays. Stay home. Don’t shop. Rest, pray and give thanks for your many blessings, especially for this great country of ours. Like most companies, we have Black Friday Specials this week. Ours are the Urban Shotgun course and the Dignitary Protection course. Take advantage while you can. We only take 12 students in each course and they fill up fast. Take note below of the new Instructors and staff coming on board. More courses are in the works. You will see them in next months newsletter. Train hard. The life you save may be your own.


Training Calendar
November 26, 2016 – Emergency Lifesaver Course in Salt Lake City, Utah
March 25, 2017 – Urban Shotgun / Handgun in Salt Lake City, Utah. Black Friday Special. $149.00
May 12-14, 2017 – Certified Dignitary Protection Operator in Salt Lake City, Utah. Black Friday Special. Reduced to $995.00
June 10-11, 2017 – Tactical Rifle Camp in Salt Lake City, Utah

Register any of these courses on our website at

Meet the new Instructors

Earl Scofield
Earl is a US Army Veteran of the 82nd Airborne.
He is currently Police Officer with the US Dept. of Defense. He is an
experienced Firearms/Tactics Instructor. He is NRA certified as an Instructor for
Law Enforcement Patrol Rifle, Law Enforcement Shotgun and Law Enforcement Handgun.
He is an NRA Range Safety Officer. Earl is constantly seeking further training and
opportunities to pass along new skills to his students


Travis L.
Travis is a retired Army veteran with over twenty years of Infantry and
Special Operations experience. He has served on multiple combat rotations in Iraq,
Afghanistan and Kosovo; as well as many additional deployments to unstable areas
around the globe.

Travis is a seasoned and experienced instructor. He is a U.S. Army Certified Instructor/Trainer.
He has spent time teaching and evaluating students as a Ranger Instructor at the
US Army’s Ranger School, as well as a qualified Special Forces Weapons Sergeant
and Senior Sergeant. He is well versed in teaching tactical and marksmanship training
as well as preparing, conducting and recovering from combat operations in varied
climates and situations.

Travis has a wealth of experience to pass along to CTIA students.

Welcome Aboard Nathan Kennedy
Nathan Kennedy joins the CTIA staff as Director of Marketing. He will be responsible
for all social media aspects, VLOGS,BLOGS, Facebook Live and such. He will also
coordinate most other marketing and advertising projects.
Nathan is married, with 2 kids and lives in Utah County. We are lucky to have him
join us.


Please give us your feedback on this newsletter. Hopefully, you found this info
useful and timely. If there is a topic you would like to see in the next newsletter,
let us know.
You can follow us on a daily basis on our company Facebook page by clicking on the
Facebook logo below. Let’s all stay safe out there. Sheepdog on!

Dennis Kennedy
Director of Training
Counterterrorism Institute of America

November 7, 2016 Newsletter

Here we sit on the precipice of the 2016 Election. If this is the best we can do, America is doomed. Either way, you better be well prepared, trained and equipped.

Please read Frank Gafneys article here on Civilization Jihad from It is a primary tool used by the enemy to afflict our society with sharia.

Our famous Emergency Lifesaver course is coming up this month. It is the LAST one of the year. There is nothing like it in the state. Go check it out and see who the Instructor is. If you carry a gun, work around guns or just want to be a good Sheepdog, TAKE IT.

Tuition for the Certified Dignitary Protection Operators course has been reduced to $995.00 until the end of 2016. Merry Christmas !

Sign up for our newsletters and keep watching. We appreciate each and every one of you.

Train hard. The life you save may be your own.


Training Calendar

November 26, 2016 - Emergency Lifesaver Course in Salt Lake City, Utah. LAST ONE OF THE YEAR !

March 2017
 March 25, 2017 - Urban Shotgun / Handgun in Salt Lake City, Utah. Video below.
May 2017

 May 12-14, 2017 - Certified Dignitary Protection Operator in Salt Lake City, Utah. $995.00 until Dec. 31st 2016

June 2017

 June 10-11, 2017 - Tactical Rifle Camp in Salt Lake City, Utah

Register any of these courses on our website at;

What is Civilization Jihad ?

 Frank Gaffney president of the Center for Security Policy and recently announced advisor to presidential candidate Senator Ted Cruz’s national security team, joined SiriusXM host Stephen K. Bannon to discuss the role terrorism and border security will play in the 2016 presidential race.

Gaffney said border security issues should be a key issue for every prospective successor to President Obama.  ”This is a problem that is festering.  It has for a long time. But it’s becoming… well, it’s not a festering sore any more.  This is a metastasizing cancer, really.”
He noted the increasing evidence that the Brussels bombings were meant to beradiological attacks, or “dirty bombs,” which would have made the already horrific carnage even worse, and with the possibility of further attacks looming over the next few months, national security would surely “rocket to the forefront in this election season.”
Gaffney said it was difficult to grasp the magnitude of the threat America was dealing with, “whether it’s from immigration, illegal, or refugees, or parolees, or lottery winners, or any number of other means by which we’ve been admitting people who are potentially mortal threats to this country… or whether it’s the fact that we’ve got people here already who represent those sorts of threats, and who have an infrastructure in place in this country, as we’ve seen they had in Brussels, and in Paris, and in other parts of Europe…”
On the latter point, he clarified that the Muslim Brotherhood has been working for decades, since the early 1960s, to establish a network of “mosques, cultural centers, Islamic societies, front groups, and influence operations” that have “basically created the infrastructure for jihad.”
“I’m not saying that they’re using it for that purpose now, but that’s, I think, clearly what’s anticipated,” Gaffney warned.  ”Don’t take my word for it.  This is contained in a document that the Muslim Brotherhood itself generated, called the Explanatory Memorandum.”
He directed listeners to the Center for Security Policy’s website to obtain a copy of this document, which he recommended reading to understand the concept of “civilization jihad,” the Islamist strategy to “take over countries like ours.”
“I know it sounds crazy here, but we’re watching it take place in Europe,” he said.
Gaffney addressed accusations from the Left, prominently including President Obama, that those warning against the Islamist threat are “hatemongering” and slandering Islam with the actions of a tiny, insignificant minority.
“I don’t know if he’s talking about me, or if he’s talking about lots of people who are arriving at the same conclusion – that is that not all Muslims are engaged in this kind of jihad, either of the stealthy kind, of of the violent kind,” said Gaffney.  ”But an awful lot of them are.  And those that are, unfortunately, include the authorities of the faith.  They believe that jihad is part of their God-directed responsibility.”
I think that the President of the United States, who insists that this has nothing to do with Islam, this is a tiny group of people and they’re trying to hijack a great Abrahamic religion of peace, and so on… They’re either completely deluded themselves, or they’re purposely deluding the rest of us,” he said.,Gaffney commended Senator Cruz for bringing “clarity” to the debate over Islamist terrorism.
“This is a defining moment for our country,” he declared.  ”It’s as important as Reagan’s efforts to help really define his differences with Jimmy Carter about the Soviet Union.  We’re dealing with a totalitarian threat.  It’s real.  It’s not the imaginings of a few of us.  It is a problem that is now becoming manifest, and we’ve got to deal with it.  It doesn’t get better when it’s being ignored.”
While he said he admired Donald Trump’s effort to “bring political space” to the debate about national security and the threat of jihad, Gaffney said he found himself “much more in alignment with the positions that Senator Cruz has taken across the board.”  He added there was no doubt in his mind that Cruz was ready to take over as Commander-in-Chief on his first day in office.
“It really comes down to judgment and instincts, as much as it does policy experience,” Gaffney said.  ”I think his experience stands up to scrutiny, but I really admire his instincts, and his judgment.  I think that’s what’s desperately needed at the moment, especially after eight years of Barack Obama.”

October 28, 2016 Newsletter

Trick or Treat ! It is finally Fall again. We are all enjoying the cooler weather and all the Fall colors. Hunting season has been a huge success for our Alumni here. Congratulations to all of them.

Since there are so man problems associated with muslime refugees, I have included an article on the stages of Hijrah, islamic conquest by immigration. You wll see more of that here in the  US.

Some of the 2017 schedule is already posted. More will be added after the Holidays. Watch for it/

Train hard. The life you save may be your own.


Training Calendar
November 2016

 November 26, 2016 - Emergency Lifesaver Course


March 2017

 March 25, 2017 - Urban Shotgun / Handgun in Salt Lake City, Utah

May 2017

 May 12-14, 2017 - Certified Dignitary Protection Operator in Salt Lake City, Utah.


June 2017
June 10-11, 2017 - Tactical Rifle Camp in Salt Lake City, Utah
Register any of these courses on our web site at;
Certified Dignitary Protection Operator course

Our 3 day entry level course is geared towards people who are interested in getting into the lucrative field of Dignitary/Executive Protection. These are 12 hr. training days and very comprehensive. PRIVATE sector methods are utilized instead of Military PSD or Secret Service methods.

Read the full content on the website a the link below

Know your enemy- 4 Stages of Islamic Conquest 
Muslims begin moving to non-Muslim countries in increasing numbers and the beginning of cultural conflicts are visible, though often subtle.
  • First migration wave to non-Muslim “host” country.
  • Appeal for humanitarian tolerance from the host society.
  • Attempts to portray Islam as a peaceful & Muslims as victims of misunderstanding and racism (even though Islam is not a ‘race’).
  • High Muslim birth rate in host country increase Muslim population.
  • Mosques used to spread Islam and dislike of host country & culture.
  • Calls to criminalize “Islamophobia” as a hate crime.
  • Threatened legal action for perceived discrimination.
  • Offers of “interfaith dialogue” to indoctrinate non-Muslims.
How many nations are suffering from Islamic infiltration? One? A handful? Nearly every nation? The Islamic ‘leadership” of the Muslim Brotherhood and others wish to dissolve each nation’s sovereignty and replace it with the global imposition of Islamic sharia law. Sharia law, based on the koran, sira and hadith, condemns liberty and forbids equality and is inconsistent with the laws of all Western nations. As the author and historian Serge Trifkovic states:
“The refusal of the Western elite class to protect their nations from jihadist infiltration is the biggest betrayal in history.”
Muslim immigrants and host country converts continue demands for accommodation in employment, education, social services, financing and courts.
  • Proselytizing increases; Establishment and Recruitment of Jihadi cells.
  • Efforts to convert alienated segments of the population to Islam.
  • Revisionist efforts to Islamize history.
  • Efforts to destroy historic evidence that reveal true Islamism.
  • Increased anti-western propaganda and psychological warfare.
  • Efforts to recruit allies who share similar goals (communists, anarchists).
  • Attempts to indoctrinate children to Islamist viewpoint.
  • Increased efforts to intimidate, silence and eliminate non-Muslims.
  • Efforts to introduce blasphemy and hate laws in order to silence critics.
  • Continued focus on enlarging Muslim population by increasing Muslim births and immigration.
  • Use of charities to recruit supporters and fund jihad.
  • Covert efforts to bring about the destruction of host society from within.
  • Development of Muslim political base in non-Muslim host society.
  • Islamic Financial networks fund political growth, acquisition of land.
  • Highly visible assassination of critics aimed to intimidate opposition.
  • Tolerance of non-Muslims diminishes.
  • Greater demands to adopt strict Islamic conduct.
  • Clandestine amassing of weapons and explosives in hidden locations.
  • Overt disregard/rejection of non-Muslim society’s legal system, culture.
  • Efforts to undermine and destroy power base of non-Muslim religions including and especially Jews and Christians.
Is there a pattern here? Theo van Gogh is murdered in the Netherlands for ‘insulting’ Islam; the Organization of the Islamic Conference demands ‘anti-blasphemy’ laws through the United Nations; France is set afire regularly by ‘youths’ (read Muslims); the rise of (dis-) honor killings…holocaust denial…anti-Semitism…deception re the tenets of Islam; hatred toward Christians and Jews and Hindus and Buddhists.  The pattern for all to see is the rise of Islamic intolerance and the covert/cultural jihad to remake host societies into sharia-compliant worlds – to remove host sovereignty and replace it with Islamic sharia law.  Sharia law that condemns earthly liberty and individual freedom, that forbids equality among faiths and between the sexes, that rejects the concept of nations outside the global house of Islam, that of dar al-Islam.
Open violence to impose Sharia law and associated cultural restrictions; rejection of host government, subjugation of other religions and customs.
  • Intentional efforts to undermine the host government & culture.
  • Acts of barbarity to intimidate citizens and foster fear and submission.
  • Open and covert efforts to cause economic collapse of the society.
  • All opposition is challenged and either eradicated or silenced.
  • Mass execution of non-Muslims.
  • Widespread ethnic cleansing by Islamic militias.
  • Rejection and defiance of host society secular laws or culture.
  • Murder of “moderate” Muslim intellectuals who don’t support Islamization.
  • Destruction of churches, synagogues and other non-Muslim institutions.
  • Women are restricted further in accordance with Sharia law.
  • Large-scale destruction of population, assassinations, bombings.
  • Toppling of government and usurpation of political power.
  • Imposition of Sharia law
The website keeps track of the number of violent jihad attacks as best it can. The site lists more than 14,000 attacks since September 2001. It is worth a visit. What is occurring, however, that is likely inestimable are events where muslims are bullied by other muslims for not being “muslim enough,” where non-Muslims are intimidated into doing or not doing what they desire, where remnant populations are in a death spiral simply for being non-muslim in a predominantly muslim area. Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists Animists and Atheists meet with death, property destruction or confiscation, forced conversion, rape, excessive taxation (the jizya), enslavement, riotous mobs and various other forms of islam (in-) justice at the hands of muslims in Sudan, Philippines, Kenya, Malaysia, India, etc.  And let us not forget ‘death to Apostates’ the world over.
Islam becomes the only religious-political-judicial-cultural ideology.
  • Sharia becomes the “law of the land.
  • All non-Islamic human rights cancelled.
  • Enslavement and genocide of non-Muslim population.
  • Freedom of speech and the press eradicated.
  • All religions other than Islam are forbidden and destroyed.
  • Destruction of all evidence of non-Muslim culture, populations and symbols in country (Buddhas, houses of worship, art, etc).
The House of Islam (“peace”), dar al-Islam, includes those nations that have submitted to Islamic rule, to the soul crushing, liberty-condemning, discriminatory law of Sharia. The rest of the world in in the House of War, dar al-harb, because it does not submit to Sharia, and exists in a state of rebellion or war with the will of ‘Allah.’ No non-Muslim state or its citizens are “innocent,” and remain viable targets of war for not believing in ‘Allah.’ The Christian, Jewish, Coptic, Hindu and Zoroastrian peoples of world have suffered under subjugation for centuries. The Dhimmi-esque are forbidden to construct houses of worship or repair existing ones, economically crippled by the heavy jizya (tax), socially humiliated, legally discriminated against, criminally targeted and generally kept in a permanent state of weakness, fear and vulnerability by Islamic governments.
It should be noted that forced conversions (Egypt) and slavery (Sudan) are still reported. Homosexuals have been hung in the public square in Iran. Young girls are married to old men. Apostates are threatened with death. “Honor” killings are routine. Women are legally second-class citizens, though Muslim males insist they are “treated better” than in the West. These more obvious manifestations may distract from some less obvious ones such as the lack of intellectual inquiry in science, narrow scope of writing, all but non-existent art and music, sexual use and abuse of youth and women, and the disregard for personal fulfillment, joy and wonder. Look into the eyes of a recently married 12 year old girl to see the consequence of the moral deprivation spawned by Islam.
The 4 Stages of Islamic Conquest is also available in pdf format for easy sharing as part of Liberty vs Sharia“.

October 17, 2016 Newsletter

We are coming to an end of the 2016 training season. Soon, the snow will close most of the outdoor ranges here. We will move to indoor classes during the winter. No classes are held during the month of Dec.

Take note in the Training Calendar. Emergency Lifesaver is up again. It is held INDOORS. It is an excellent course with a most outstanding Instructor. Go read all about it on the web site.

The Certified Dignitary Protection Operator course and the Tactical Rifle Camp are only ONCE A YEAR events. You snooze, you lose.

The popular Urban Shotgun course is on tap again. Mike Bastian will be teaching them. Read about him in this newsletter.

All for now.

Train hard. The life you save may be your own.



Training Calendar
 October 22 - Advanced Defensive Handgun in Salt Lake City, Utah
October 29 - In-Extremis Blade & Tomahawk Course

 in Salt Lake City, Utah ( FULL)

November 2017
 November 26, 2016 - Emergency Lifesaver Course in Salt Lake City, Utah. 11 slots open

March 2017
 March 25, 2017 - Urban Shotgun / Handgun in Salt Lake City, Utah. 11 slots open.

May 2017
 May 12-14, 2017 - Certified Dignitary Protection Operator in Salt Lake City, Utah

June 2017
 June 10-11, 2017 - Tactical Rifle Camp in Salt Lake City, Utah

Register any of these courses on our web site at;


Meet the Instructor
Mike Bastian is one of our newest Cadre
Mike Bastian Is a 23 year decorated Police Veteran and Police Firearms Instructor. He also spent 8 years in the Army Reserves as an MP and Combat Engineer. He is currently working for the US Department of Defense where He is a Firearms Instructor. He was a SWAT Team Leader with a major Metro Team in Utah County, Utah.He has been an Instructor since 1991 working for the Department of Corrections. He has been involved in a shooting as a Police Officer where the use of a shotgun had saved his life. He is a very strong advocate of the tactical shotgun as possibly the best defensive weapon you can possibly have. Mike is also a graduate of the Institutes Certified Dignitary Protection Operator course.
Mike will be teaching our Urban Shotgun courses in 2017

October 7, 2016 Newsletter

Just a quick note about 2017. Several unique courses on tap, including Dignitary Protection and Tactical Rifle Camp. Both are held only ONCE A YEAR in Salt Lake City. Take advantage while you can.

As the ranges shut down due to snow, we will move more courses indoors. They will be announced in this newsletter.

Reminder. We do not hold courses at all during the month of December.

Train hard. The life you save may be your own.


Training Calendar
 October 22 - Advanced Defensive Handgun in Salt Lake City, Utah . This is the LAST OUTDOOR COURSE of the year.
October 29 - In-Extremis Blade & Tomahawk Course in Salt Lake City, Utah ( 2 slots left)

March 2017
 March 25, 2017 - Urban Shotgun / Handgun in Salt Lake City, Utah

May 2017
 May 12-14, 2017 - Certified Dignitary Protection Operator in Salt Lake City, Utah. Held only ONCE A YEAR in Salt Lake City.

June 2017
 June 10-11, 2017 - Tactical Rifle Camp in Salt Lake City, Utah. Held ONLY ONCE A YEAR in Salt Lake.
Also in 2017;
Emergency Lifesaver Course
Active Shooter Survival
Concealed Carry Gunfighting
Interactive Simulator
Long Range Precision Rifle
Much more. Watch for them.

Register any of these courses on our web site at;

Ammonium Nitrate Disasters

A few day ago we had a traffic incident here in Salt Lake City involving Ammonium Nitrate Gel. Luckily the Tanker did it’s job and there was no detonation. This has not been the case in many other locations. Educate yourself and read the article linked below.

September 22, 2016 Newsletter

The recent bombings in NY/NJ prompted me to get this edition out right away. Citizens must be aware of these devices and what to watch for.

Take note. American Explosives Group will be here in Salt Lake to teach the 1 day course on IED Awareness on Oct. 11th. It is restricted to police, fire, military, security and other First Responders.

We are working on the 2017 Calendar right now. The Oct. courses are the only ones scheduled right now. Take advantage of them.

Train hard. The life you save may be your own.


Training Calendar
October 2016
October 11- AEG Explosive Awareness Training for First Responders, in Salt Lake City
October 15 - Low Light Handgun Course in Layton, Utah
October 22 - Advanced Defensive Handgun in Salt Lake City, Utah
October 29 - In-Extremis Blade & Tomahawk Course in Salt Lake City, Utah
Register any of these courses on our web site at;


Dangers of Secondary Devices

It is very common for Bombers to plant secondary devices. These are used to kill and injure Responders arriving at the initial blast. Everyone must be aware that thesee may be deployed at the scene and act accordingly.

Below is an excellent training video that everyone should watch.

Pressure Cooker Explosive Devices

The pressure cooker devices used in the recent NY/NJ jihadist attacks are easy to make and easy to detonate. They can be triggered by fuses, cell phones, radio transmissions, kitchen timers and other means.These were rather crude and poorly made. Most explosives experts feel the main charge was NOT Tannerite. These are very similar to those used in the Boston Marathon bombings.

Luckily, average citizens spotted one of them and called 911. The Bomb Squad arrived and was able to collect it intact for analysis. Kudos to those Sheepdogs.
Watch the video below.